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I love to hear from readers of all ages and never find emails intrusive. I give careful thought and answer each email completely and truthfully. Many educators have heard me say that readers teach me new things about my own books. I hope you will share your thoughts with me. Please know that my books can be read with different levels of understanding. In short, I feel each one has something to offer all ages.


In the past decade I’ve spoken at more than 200 schools, mainly through the magic of the Zoom application. If a class or a book club at school has read one of my books, I would be honored to arrange a time for a video chat at no charge. No questions are off limits. We usually have a lot of fun.

One Book/One School:

In-person school appearances are a little harder to manage these days, but some of my most productive visits have been when several grades combine to read and discuss one or more of my books. The discussions are lively, and teachers have a myriad of creative ways to engage students. I only charge pre-determined expenses for in-person school visits.

Speech-Language Pathologists:

SLPs have to be my favorite group of professionals in all the world. Those of us who stutter are on a journey, and we need traveling companions who are trained and competent. I am delighted to video chat with an SLP and any of her or his clients in a group or private setting. I always make it clear that I have no professional training, but that I have made every mistake a PWS can make and have no problem sharing my thoughts and story.


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