A teenager about to start college goes on a journey that fulfills a promise and teaches a life-lesson not soon forgotten…

Victor Vollmer isn’t a paperboy anymore. He’s a copyboy now – and a good one. But his duties at the newspaper are interrupted by a last request from Mr. Spiro, the scholarly gentleman who became his mentor in the beloved novel Paperboy, a 2014 Newbery Honor Book.

Victor takes off on a journey that sends him hundreds of miles from home and toward the teeth of a gathering storm. Confronted by an unfamiliar and threatening world, he meets a girl who is strong and smart and bold like no one’s known before, and together they venture toward the place where the river meets sea. When they wind up racing to evade a hurricane, Victor finds out what the fates have in store for him.


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Praise for Vince Vawter’s Copyboy

“Just as in his first outing, Victor’s first-person voice—enhanced by the teen’s love of language—is brilliantly authentic and heartfelt, especially with his ever challenging stutter….Even the dead man comes fully to life, joining a remarkable cast of meticulously nuanced characters….A lyrical and immersive journey.”

—Kirkus, Starred


“The road trip has a Huckleberry Finn-like hue as Victor’s travels introduce him to a wide-ranging cast of characters, all of whom have something to teach. Vawter turns a phrase with skill and style; Victor remains a carefully drawn narrator whose preoccupation with his stutter changes and evolves….If the world truly has only two stories—someone goes on a journey and a stranger comes to town—this is a fine mix of both.”




“The carefully crafted novel moves slowly, building to a palpable tension as Victor and the hurricane travel toward their mutual destination….Although Victor must still cope with his stutter, this book focuses more on his struggle to understand and express his purpose in the wider world. A thoughtful, character-driven novel that offers a nuanced depiction of coastal Louisiana in the 1960s; perfect for fans of historical fiction.”

—School Library Journal



“…a sequel worthy of its exceptional predecessor, Paperboy, a 2014 Newbery Honor Book….”

—Chapter 16, Humanities Tennessee


“Vawter’s new book is every bit as much a joy to read as his award-winning ‘Paperboy’….”

—Jack McElroy, Executive Editor, Knoxville News Sentinel