A young reader sent me the above rendering of Mr. Spiro’s philosophy of life – “the quartering of the soul” from PAPERBOY.

I love it when readers – young or old – make a deep dive into a book, any book. There are the words on the page and then there are the thoughts between the words and then there are the many worlds that open themselves up when readers let the words envelop them.

I had intended to let Mr. Spiro’s “quartering of the soul” stand on its own and to let the reader make of it what they might, but I had so many queries from readers wanting more information that I penned COPYBOY, which sought to explain more fully Mr. Spiro’s four words.

Several readers had different views from mine about what the four words meant, and that is the beauty of it all. The thinking about the words and about a philosophy of life are more important than the words themselves.

Good things happen when we dive deep and let the words sweep us away.

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